Saturday, 3 January 2004

2004: The Break up

I was happy with my little robot project in 2003 except for the flimsy construction which would break apart in impact if it didn't detect a wall fast enough. I decided I would rebuild the robot with strength in mind. No loose parts and more metal were the plan. I collected a few parts, but without the tools and living in rented London flats, there was little I could do. I upgraded the OOPIC 2 to an OOPIC-R for better servo and sensor connectors, but that's about all that happened. The parts went into a box and moved with me four times without any progress.

Around this time, the Sony AIBO had come out which was what I was trying to create and I saw that very few people could enjoy my robot project with family and friends based in the USA. My interest in photography was re-kindled which fit well with my travel interest. I do admit that on a few occasions I'd need a distraction while on the road and would think of the next robot design, but little more came of it than looking at the packed up box.

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