Monday, 8 September 2003

Dandroid 2003 on video

We can now see the navigation system can decide if the robot should reverse out of a situation and re-evaluate or turn to avoid obstacles.

Saturday, 9 August 2003

Dandroid 2003: Muffin Box

By now I had moved out of the ARobot base with Stamp CPU and into the Cybot chassis with an OOPIC. The OOPIC was a huge step forward in being able to be object oriented and event driven. The Cybot chassis also made stacking levels easier and it could turn in place by moving one wheel forward with another in reverse at the same time.

Below we can see the Dandroid next to a stock Real Robots Cybot.

Thursday, 31 July 2003

Cybot chassis

The ARobot bases steered like a remote control car which required a turning radius. In our small kitchen, there was not much it could do and it got snagged too easily in the small living room as well. A kids magazine called Real Robots had a project where every month you'd get a part to build a robot called a Cybot. The initial base was exactly what I was after and it was dirt cheap too. I bought a few copies of the first three issues to get a chassis, 2 gear motors with wheels and a motor controller which could be hacked.