Saturday, 31 July 2010

2010 Time-Space Odyssey

By now we settled into a place of our own with a garage. I even bought a drill. It seemed perfect to start robotics again. Surprisingly, in almost 10 years very little had changed in the world of robotics, especially for the home user. I had discovered some like minded people too on Meet-up and at the London Hackspace. I enjoyed the Meet-up, but the leader had moved out of town and so my support group was gone as fast as it came. One of the guys went to start his own robot hobby company.

The Arduino had taken off as a hobbyist platform, but my problem now was the time to learn and play in this area. I bought a Netduino 2 since I was programming in .Net and was impressed with the debugger integration. The Netduino is great, but there's much more routines available for the Ardunio. One thing about not having a main stream platform is that you have to go a little deeper to understand how to make things work.